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There is so much to be considered when entertaining the option of installing granite or marble slabs. How either stone blends within your home and its overall appearance, the durability of the slabs, and tying it all together without hurting your wallet – amongst other things – are of concern. However, there are a number of advantages to installing either granite or marble in your Kitchener home.


Marble often comes in lighter colors and has a less uniform pattern to its appearance than the hardened granite. Compared to granite, it comes in polished or honed finishes – the former leaving a more glistening, sparkly finish and the latter leaving a still clean, but more durable coat. Granite comes in a variety of finishes like polished, flamed, and brushed, among others. Another advantage is each stone’s natural ability to comfortably fit into existing space and neither stone is style specific. The stones are diverse in pattern and colour.


Each stone is quarried all over the world and not region or zone specific. This makes for an easily accessible material, which in turn reduces the overall cost. The supply meets the demand quite well with both. Different locations that the stones are quarried generally tend to produce a variety of different colours or patterns. These patterns or colours are influenced by the area in which the stone is  quarried and the climate, condition or exposure to different weather. Granite, in particular, is a cost-friendly stone, as it requires little long-term maintenance or repairs due to its durability.


One of the primary benefits of electing to install marble or granite countertops is the ability to use it in a multitude of environments within the home. Additionally, each stone can handle a number of physical or chemical hazards. The reliability and hard surface, which typically won’t easily stain when sealed, holds up very well when used in kitchens or bathrooms. Granite’s density makes for a better kitchen countertop option, as it is also very heat and pressure resistant, while also difficult to scratch. The igneous granite stands up to household materials and offers a quality cooking or cutting surface. Marble is more prone to scratching, but easier to accommodate a color scheme or pattern in a bathroom than granite. When away from hazards like acidic kitchen products or sharp edged utensils, marble is a valuable stone to install. Its metamorphic property allows for an adaptable look that infuses character into a room meant in part to be visually enjoyed. Kitchener homeowners may also consider the option of marble flooring.


Another unsung positive about using either granite or marble is the added investment value. The soft stone has quality long-term reliability and adds value due to its visually appealing finish, in addition to its vast variety of color and pattern options.
Whether you’re looking for quality stone materials for tile flooring or kitchen and bathroom improvement, there are a handful of legitimate advantages to using either marble or granite. Each has unique value dependent on where or what the use for it may be. Before making a definitive decision, be sure to educate yourself on the added benefits of installing marble or granite in your Kitchener home.

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